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The Art of Satisfying Your Customer

January 29, 2018 by Susan Brooks

The Art of Satisfying Your Customer


Is the customer always right? A resounding yes to that, and even if they aren’t always strictly correct you need to make them feel cossetted and cared for all the same. Customers can be demanding and awkward, but they also bring you business and make you money. Learn to treat your customer in the manner they expect and they are more likely to hang around and return for more. So, let’s take a wonder through the mind of a consumer to see what it is they want from you.


A Company That Doesn’t Say No

Let’s be honest “No,” is often a word we don’t want to hear. It has negative connotations and conjures up images of prevention, rejection and denial. The customer would much rather give their business to a company that has a “can do,” attitude. A company that tries to help and offers solutions, rather than absolves itself of any responsibility and shy’s away from challenges. It might not always be possible to help your customer but at least try. They will appreciate your efforts.


A Company That Has Friendly (and polite) Staff

Manners maketh the man and it goes without saying that all members of staff that come into contact with customers should be accommodating and polite. Even if the customer is giving them earache – patience, tact and a calm nature are essential. Make sure you get the customers details correct too, there’s a sure-fire way to annoy your customer and that’s to make them feel unimportant. Call them by the wrong name, get the particulars of their enquiry wrong and generally sound uninterested, you can say goodbye to them as they won’t be using your company again in a hurry!


A Company That Takes an Interest

Your customers should represent more than just pound signs and if you want to make an impression take into account what your customer has to say. Customers want to feel listened to and if they get in touch make sure someone is on hand to respond via telephone or email. It’s critical to follow up on any issues, queries or complaints. Bad feedback can be damaging to your reputation so nip things in the bud. If a customer is complaining that something has not been delivered or has tuned up late/damaged take the time to listen and respond. If you need better pallet delivery services, that’s an opportunity identified to improve on your business offering ­– take it!

Reassure the customer that you will investigate immediately and will contact them with further information. Whatever you promise, make sure you can deliver!


A Company That Has Done its homework

If you’re working with other companies who will come into contact with your customer (e.g. freight companies), make sure that they are reputable and will do a good job. It’s all well and good you having the goods perfectly packed and ready to leave on time, but if the freight forwarding company are careless in their loading and sloppy about delivery times you could be sending a message to your customer that you don’t really care either. Again, pallet delivery counts. It’s no good offering the world only to find your pallet delivery service lets you down – if you really want customer satisfaction, you have to deliver on it!