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How to Build Customer Loyalty

May 16, 2018 by Susan Brooks

Happy customer


Getting customers is a great achievement, but keeping clients and building customer loyalty can mean so much more. The retention of existing customers isn’t easy though, it takes a lot of work and attention to detail. It is however worth the effort. Rather than learning the hard way, we’ll give you the insight into how to build customer loyalty in this very article. Hopefully you’ll avoid the mistakes, make all the right decisions and as a direct result your business will benefit. So how do you build loyalty?



Your customers need to understand what it is you are doing for them. This doesn’t mean unnecessary “empty” updates, but meaningful and positive exchanges of information. Clients can often feel like they don’t matter if they’re unsure as to what progress, if any, is being made. A lack of contact can mean a lack of trust, and when it comes to loyalty, trust is key.



Business should always be personal, not pro-forma. If you treat everyone the same, then they’ll feel like you lack attention to detail. Do not treat your pallet delivery service provider like you treat your stationary supplier – treat them as the individual businesses they are – they will appreciate this much more than you might realise.


It’s A Date

Part of the bespoke service that you offer your customers, should include acknowledging and being aware of key dates. This isn’t just in terms of business dates or invoice due dates, but should include the same. Remembering key dates will make your customers think you’re on top of your business and appreciative of theirs. Being appreciated is another critical element of loyalty.



Asking once might get you the answers that you need, but following up the question with an acknowledgement or further questions makes it look like you are more attentive. Checking that orders are correct, have been received and moreover meet/surpass your customer’s expectations is a great way of indicating the importance of your client’s business. Being made to feel important is another positive step towards building customer loyalty.



There are times when your customers are not ordering or have gone quiet. It is at this point that you should be at your most aware. Checking in with them to see how things are progressing is a great way to build a rapport, as is the passing on of information that may help their business. If you come across any key data or facts, share them, and be seen to share them. Loyalty is a two-way street, and because of this you might yourself benefit from an information exchange at a later date. Always be aware of who your customers actually are and what they do – from pallet delivery service to fundamental project design. Awareness is key.

Loyalty is often forgotten about when it comes to business. Too much emphasis is often put on winning new business, when it should be on maximising business within your existing customer base. After all winning business is extremely hard, so once won, try and keep it and build a loyal client base. Hopefully these tips will help you do just that.