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Get Organised – Improve Your Warehouse & Enhance Your Business

January 4, 2018 by Susan Brooks

Logistics management solutions

The warehouse – a hugely busy area of the workplace and a place that changes on a daily basis. Don’t underestimate the importance of your warehouse, it is responsible for looking after your goods and despatching the correct parts to the correct customer at the correct time. That’s quite a big responsibility and if you want to make sure things go to plan you will need to get your logistics management solutions in place.

Take a critical look at your warehouse and make sure it is the best it can be, there’s always room for improvement, but at the very least your warehouse should be clean, safe, uncluttered and organised.


Keep It Clean

Dirty floors and grubby surfaces don’t belong anywhere within your company and certainly not anywhere near your finished goods. Get everyone involved in a big clean and tidy if a fresh start is required. Wipe down surfaces, get rid of rubbish, and get the floors cleaned properly.


Safety First

The warehouse is a lively place to work – a myriad of parts, people, fork-lifts and the like moving around in the same space. Health and safety is of paramount importance and any required safety clothing should be worn by warehouse operatives and visitors to the warehouse (this could include high vis jackets and safety shoes as necessary). Fork-lift trucks should have room to manoeuvre without having to negotiate pallets of work left on the floor. Trying to work in a disorganized space can be demoralsing and unsafe, eliminate risk by being strict when it comes to health and safety.


Ditch the Clutter

It’s easy to let things build up and when everyone is busy some tasks can get left undone. Clutter can be a hazard and not only that it also looks unsightly. Set aside a time where your warehouse team can work together to tidy up and reorganise their space. Throw out any old or unused packing materials and consider what storage is required to find everything a suitable home.


Get Organised

Look at the layout of the warehouse and how storage is allocated. Your team should be able to access products easily and there should be a viable and simple system in place that allows for visibility of products. The team should be able to locate the parts they are looking for promptly and they should be easily accessible too. Poor storage can lead to paths being blocked and difficulty in getting to certain derivatives. This can waste valuable time and slow efficiency, which will deeply conflict with the logistics management solutions that you have implemented to date.

A well-organised warehouse will also enable you to measure stock levels on a regular basis, you can see if the numbers on the screen match the physical number of parts in the warehouse. You should also consider how you will label your goods and storage space. Make things simple and clear, you might decide on implementing a barcode system – you can read the information on a barcode reader and the system automatically updates, back flushing stocks etc.