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Give Your Warehouse Employees the Opportunity to Shine

January 10, 2018 by Susan Brooks

How can your warehouse team inform the rest of your business?


Welcome to the warehouse, the hub of your business. Storage space, packing area, despatch area – in general the place where you fulfil customer demand and get stuff out of the door. Your warehouse manager and operatives have a crucial role to play in the company and should be made aware of their importance.


Get to Know Your Warehousing Team

The warehouse can get a little overlooked in some companies, but it’s just as much a part of the business as a delivery service or a sales office. Take a bit of time to get to know your team, what are their strengths and skills and what are their developmental needs? If you don’t already know – find out!


Keep Your Warehouse Team in the Loop

The warehouse team have the same expectations and needs as your other employees. They need to hear the same messages and enjoy the same level of communication as the rest of the workforce. Good and bad news should be cascaded (where appropriate) to all employees. Keep people in the dark about changes and challenges and you will encounter disgruntled employees who do not feel they can trust the management team. Employees care about the company they work for and they also want to make sure their job is secure so even if things aren’t hunky-dory it’s a smart move to keep your employees informed.

Negative feedback should be shared (especially if it actively involves the department concerned). So, if a customer were to complain that a pallet of work wasn’t well wrapped enough to protect it, the despatch team should be made aware of the situation and put countermeasures in place to ensure there were no repeat occurrences. In the same way good news should be shared too, if the company has won a new contract based on a visit that went well, then the team should be made aware and congratulated on a job well done.


Involve Your Warehouse Team in Warehouse Development

Are there areas for development that could help to improve the team overall? Ask your team for their help in coming up with ideas for improvement. There will be some processes that work well and some that would benefit from change. If you want to improve your warehouse talk to the experts – your warehousing team. From pallet delivery services to handling of incoming goods, the warehouse team is the lifeblood of many an organisation, and there’s a lot to be learned from their daily interactions and suggestions.


Value Your Warehouse Team

Try and encourage your team to be an active part of the business. Anyone can turn up do their job and go home without so much as a backward glance. But, if an employee feels valued they are more likely to make an effort and give a job their all. Make sure you take an interest in the views and opinions of all of your employees.


Build a Rapport

Effective leaders understand the needs to build a rapport with employees at every level. It’s not about being their best-friend, but as a leader you should be able to communicate well and offer clear direction.