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Great Modern Alternatives to Brick & Mortar Businesses

June 6, 2018 by Susan Brooks

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For at least a generation the pattern was well established. Entrepreneurs would save money until they could rent or buy space in a building and then they began to make their business a reality. The other option was door-to-door sales that have largely died out as a field over the years. Now there are many ways to make a dream business come true without having to invest in brick and mortar site. These new options can allow businesses to start more quickly, to begin without a great deal of overhead, and to retain a greater amount of flexibility. There are a number of different options, depending on the type of business and your preferences. Check out some of the best ways to begin your new company.



Mobile operations have probably never been bigger. Food trucks have helped to re-establish the parameters for restaurants while allowing completely different groups of entrepreneurs to enter the market. Food trucks can be purchased or rented. While not cheap, the costs are much more affordable that creating a restaurant from scratch.

In addition to the low start-up costs, having a mobile business can have other advantages. Picking a brick and mortar location limits companies to a single location. New business owners may have a difficult time determining the amount of potential customer traffic in the area and the pool of customers. Being mobile can also be perfect in places where there is a great deal of variation in business. For example, a downtown location might be perfect on weekdays but deserted over the weekend. A quick move to a weekend location can keep the company profitable more days per week.

In addition to food trucks, vehicles are used for a variety of other businesses. From ice cream trucks to bicycle-powered carts, there are a number of ways to bring a company to wherever the clients are. Often being mobile is, in itself, a business advantage. Why not take vehicle glass where it’s needed rather than requiring potential customers to drive to your business? There are many creative options that could be idea for a new business.



Temporary business locations are gaining in popularity. A table and a few accessories might be enough to conduct business at local festivals, weekly markets, or at parties and other events. Starting small with a limited amount of equipment could be ideal for entrepreneurs who are still working a day job while their start-up businesses take flight.



Working out of the house is a well-establish practice but the option to sell online has added to the segment of the small business market. Logistics solutions for maintaining growth could include delivering products to a central, third-party distribution centre for shipment to individual customers. Renting a self-storage space can allow businesses to expand beyond the available space inside the home without requiring a significant commitment in warehouse or office space. Some storage facilities will even accept deliveries thus alleviating the need to be on-site during the day.


Shared Space

To make start-ups even easier, for many businesses shared spaces are great options. Items can be sold on a consignment basis through a bigger store or website. This minimizes costs while gaining access to more potential customers. Places like shopping centres can offer the option to rent a single location within a food court or as a kiosk within the centre.



Each year more sales are completed online but that doesn’t mean starting an online business is easy. Savvy online shoppers now have greater expectations in terms of the quality of company websites and their online security. It can also be very difficult to gain website traffic as a new company. Selling through a large online retailer or partnering with other major online entity can be good ways to gain market recognition for a developing business.