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How to Improve Staff Morale

May 9, 2018 by Susan Brooks

Happy staff, logistics solutions

Nothing can help boost a business like great staff morale. If you keep your staff happy, they’ll be more productive, attentive and efficient. They may also be more loyal, decisive and dedicated too. So whilst improvements in warehouse management or logistics solutions may benefit the bottom line, a boost to staff morale can help the business as whole.

Here we look at ways in which you as a business can best utilise the most important asset you have – your team. We’ll look at why good morale is crucial and how it can be improved. Get it right and you’ll soon see things change for the better, get it wrong – well, let’s not think of that!



Low morale stifles creativity and efficiency, it means that your workers are thinking of somewhere else they would rather be and they may even leave because of it. Nothing affects productivity more than a high staff turnover. You need continuity in the workforce, and for that there needs to be great morale.


More Than Work

Most people would state that their primary objective for work is to earn a living. If however you can instil in them a sense of belonging you will get much more from each individual – building a team is better than having several solitary players. Making people feel like they matter is crucial.



When somebody achieves something, acknowledge it and share it. Make good news an event as it will ensure that the individual in question will feel like their work has been noticed and appreciated. It isn’t a competition between each member of staff though, so goals should be team based – working together and for each other they will achieve much more.



We all become stale if we repeat and repeat our daily roles. Whilst this doesn’t mean unnecessary or frequent changes, it should mean giving breaks to your staff so that they can engage in something that they are truly and personally passionate about – they’ll return refreshed, grateful and ready to work hard for the privilege.



Of course business is serious at times, but that doesn’t have to mean all of the time! Make time for fun. Generally work is the largest part of any individual’s day and therefore if they can smile at points throughout it, they’ll enjoy it more and enjoyment is key to morale. This doesn’t mean not working hard, but it does mean enjoying parts of the overall process.



Positivity doesn’t necessarily come easy to everybody, and what motivates one person may not another – as such you need to focus on them as individuals, and identify how to motivate each of them. Treating them as individuals will also make them feel a better sense of belonging.

Your staff matter, and their morale is the most important thing when it comes to productivity. If they’re happy, they’ll work harder and the business as a whole will benefit. Get your staff morale right, and you can then focus on other things such as logistics solutions – get it wrong, and you’ll constantly be battling to progress. It’s time to focus.