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Tips for Warehouse Management

May 5, 2018 by Susan Brooks

Warehouse logistics


When it comes to warehouse management, there’s so much you have to consider. From efficiencies and automation, to stock and logistics solutions. It’s so much more than simply having the right space – you also have to use it well, and maximise your returns on the capital invested in it. So here we look at some basic tips for warehouse management, and how your business can profit from implementing the same. Read on to learn more.


The Little Things

It’s amazing how little tweaks and changes can make a massive difference. It’s not just having stuff in the right place and getting things out on time, it’s about productivity levels and saving, as well as making, time and money. The key element is efficiency, and here are some ways to improve the same.



How can you look to improve something you haven’t considered properly? Before changing anything, you need to thoroughly consider what works well already and which elements need attention – are your logistics solutions working for you and are goods flowing in and out effectively?



Not just in the sense of having a structure within which to make changes, but also in terms of the layout of your warehouse – observe the premises in action and see where changes can be made.


You will also need plans in terms of forward projections, for how things are going to change, or when there is high seasonal demand for example – such as Christmas.



You should be following your products/packages throughout the warehouse process, this way you can identify any bottlenecks or unnecessary delays in moving them in/out. Automation of tracking will also save man hours, and thus money and is less prone to oversights or errors.



Stock is money, too much stock however can mean that too much money is tied up in the warehouse. Not enough stock is problematical too, it means that you can’t satisfy orders as they come in. Neither is ideal and therefore proper stock control is key to ensuring efficiencies and maximising returns.


Staff and Technology

The use of new technologies doesn’t always have to mean a reduction in staff. Technology can empower staff to make decisions, as they will have correct and suitable data on which to base them. The staff however will need training so that they can integrate and utilise the technology to the advantage of the business as a whole. These two elements if combined correctly can make a real difference.


You should choose also to reward and incentivise the employees to both inspire and recognise their hard work. Everybody will welcome the opportunity to improve their own situation, and this will in turn benefit the business.


Warehouse management may seem like a simple process, and indeed it is, but only when done correctly. There are many elements that need your focus and indeed demand your attention. To ignore them could prove detrimental. However, if you follow these tips and ideas and you’ll be well on the way to achieving and surpassing your own business goals.